Friends Housing is a mixed-use development which offers affordable accommodation to either individuals with a chronic mental illness or to low income families.

Tenants with a mental illness occupy the 27-suite apartment block while low-income families occupy the 15 on-site townhouse units.

Our tenants enjoy living in a safe, secure, active and healthy environment. Every month our apartment block tenants receive a monthly calendar of activities they can partake in. These activities include a wide range of events that are designed to support, stimulate and enrich their lives. 

Tenants also have their own “Tenant Association”. They are provided with funding to finance their own periodic activities.

Friends Housing Inc. Tenant Association
Friends Housing Inc has had a Tenant Association for at least a decade. They are provided with funding once a year through donations and Manitoba Housing. The funds which are received finance their parties, prizes and activity expenses which are organized by the Tenant Association.